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best monogram diaper bag

I was scrolling through my photos looking for some content to share and I saw this foot selfie that I took on our recent Austin Travel, with a sneaky little foot making a cameo. TODDLER LEATHER CONVERSE SNEAKER

black straw bag

Last summer was our first summer being a member of our new club that is within the gated community that we moved to last year {how has it been a year already?!?}. As someone that doesn't love the beach, but still living in a beach town, my bikini drawer is always full. Yet with back to back pregnancies and therefore, back to back mom bods, my bikini draw deserves a good clean out!

I was extremely thankful that one pieces came back in style in the middle of one of these mom bod summers {this ONE PIECE is still my favorite}, but I have since been on the lookout for a bikini that would be cute, last a while, yet the fear of a nip slip would be minimal. 


The cut of the top makes me playing and swimming with little ones super easy, with no fears of flashing anyone, the fabric is beyond comfortable and this is by far the most flattering bikini I have ever tried on. 

navy saint laurent bag

Original post HERE.

This NAVY SAINT LAURENT was a special gift from my husband and I thought this gorgeous photo captured by ASHA was too beautiful not to share. Saint Lauren handbags are, after all, my love language...

striped ruffle peplum top

Original post HERE.

This RUFFLE PEPLUM TOP had me at hello. And how cute will it be with my new WHITE BUTTON FLY WHITE SKINNY JEANS this summer?


stripe tee and black denim

black denim skirt

striped tee and jean jacket

frayed denim skirt outfit

jean skirt and jean jacket outfit

black straw bag outfit

frayed denim skirt and converse outfit

puppy blogger outfit

striped tee and straw bag outfit


Sometimes when I'm planning outfit posts, there are outfits that I can't wait to share with you {there is a floral length dress outfit post coming soon and the photos will. Blow. You. Away}. But sometimes, I pull together the outfits that I don't want to take off. This is one of those. 

It is comfy, a little preppy, a little feminine and 100% mom ready. 

I'm extremely self conscious of my thighs in shorts {I can't believe I just shared that!}, so every spring and summer, I spend most of the time ordering and returning a ton of options to only find myself in the fall with no shorts that I feel good in. This BLACK DENIM SKIRT is the best option. It will be adorable with one piece bathing suits for the pool, and with tees and tanks all summer long. And I found it before it even started to feel like spring. 

photos by Asha Bailey


workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule and my own Shoulder and arm workout

white moto legging

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 2 Full Body
35 minutes elliptical

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 2 Leg Challenge 
15 minutes elliptical

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 2 Arms & Abs
Triceps and Chest Challenge in the Sweat App
While I am always all about saving a buck, using the Sweat App is life changing! I have been using the Kayla Itsines workouts on that off {thank you back to back pregnancies} for about 3 years. The first time I tried to complete the Kayla Itsines, little did I know that I was 4 weeks pregnant with Madrid and since the workout is abdominal heavy, I stopped once I found out that "off" feeling was really pregnancy.

Starting last Summer, I started the workout, looking for the workouts on Pinterest and google, laying out the order and keeping track of what workout I was on by keeping it organized in a binder. After going through this for two cycles, I realized that I was heavily relying on this workout  and loving the changes that I was seeing in my body. I bit the bullet and bought the SWEAT APP for a year. I am already it's biggest fan!

I highly recommend the "investment" for the year, as it makes your workouts all the easier. 

4 miles on the treadmill using THIS interval workout

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 2 Legs
25 minutes incumbent bike

3.4 mile indoor run doing this QUARTER MILE INTERVAL WORKOUT
{I had 35 minutes to workout, so I wanted to make it worth while.}

30 minutes elliptical
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 2 Full Body Workout

As I complained about on IG Stories, I finished the Sweat App week 2 in less than 7 days, so I was unable to get to the next week. Therefore, I made my own circuits, thinking of easy things to do to share for you guys, if you don't have the app, had the same problem as me, so wanted to mix it up. 

Circuit One 

-Front Lat Pull x15

{start with feet on the ground, a little wider than hips. Sit back, almost like you are squatting on the toilet  Extend arms above, reaching for the bar. Keep your arms in line with your torso, in line with your pelvis. Keeping you arms straight, pull down to a little above your knees}

-Rear Delt Row
{Using the cable machine, reach for the cable, set up at a height above your head, with staggered legs. Keeping elbow at shoulder height, pull cable back to your armpit. Return to arm extended and straight from the shoulder/}

-50 Jumping Jacks

Circuit Two

-30 sit ups on an incline
-Lat Pull Down
-Triceps Cable Extension

Circuit Three

- Lat Pull Down with Close Grip
It doesn't really matter the grip, just use a different one than you used on wide grip bar that you used on the Circuit Two for the Lat Pull Down
-Bicep Curls using the Cable
This will keep your form in check and will allow you to push yourself by using a higher weight than you normally do. 
- 1 // 1:30 // 2 minutes Row Machine
Increase your time each circuit through


3 items and 60 second eyes

60 second eye makeup

I saw this CREAM EYESHADOW on IG stories and forgot about it until I was walking to my car from shopping with my little ones. After our follow up appointment for Madrid's cast, our difficult nights as Madrid gets used to sleeping with her cast and the overall stress, I had caught sight of myself in the mirror more than once and scared myself. 

Why is it that being a mom always means you have to look tired while everyone else looks so cute???

I wanted a quick and easy eye look to make me look awake, but would work from preschool drop off to date night, as there is often time that I don't have a minute in between. 

-It is no secret that this UNDER EYE BRIGHTENER is my secret weapon. I quickly swiped this from the corner of my under eye to about the middle of under my eye, focusing on where my under eye circles seemed the darkest. I blended with my finger, dabbing it out to my cheek bone. 

-Next, I took the tiniest bit of this CREAM SHADOW in Marie Antoinette and dabbed it along my upper lid, starting at the inner corner and blending to the entire lid. I didn't rub it, but gently patted to fill in the whole lid. I couldn't choose between my color and the lighter color. I love Marie Antoinette, the person, so I went with this color for that reason alone...and the salesgirl told me it was better with my hair color and eyebrows.

-I finished with my favorite drugstore purchase, this VOLUMINOUS MASCARA. I started on the lower eyelashes, with a thick coat to save time needing an eyeliner. Then I did two coats of mascara on the upper lashes and Viola! ready for everything and anything a mom might have to tackle in a day!



menswear blazer outfit

menswear blazer outfit

menswear blazer outfit

oversized plaid blazer outfit

oversized plaid blazer outfit

oversized plaid blazer outfit

le specs black cat eye sunglasses

men's blazer outfit

men's blazer outfit

menswear blazer outfit

tiny heart necklace

blazer : OVERSIZED PLAID BLAZER // top : LACE CAMI // jeans : BLACK HIGH WAISTED JEANS omg! so so so comfy and flattering! I want them in every wash now more sizes in this light black HERE // heels : NUDE SUEDE PUMPS so comfortable. A very Kate Middleton shoe // sunglasses : BLACK CAT EYE SUNGLASSES // necklace : LAPIS AND PAVE HEART NECKLACE more about it in this post // lips : LIP LINER IN 'EDGE TO EDGE'

Someone asked me recently to describe my Instagram persona.

We had been discussing how Instagram was not real life, and for someone like me, who runs a business monetizing my content, there tends to be a "public" or shared persona that might not be oneself. I couldn't agree more. Most days, I am messy bun, not showered after an am workout, wearing my favorite navy workout leggings, me. But on Instagram, I tend to be clean and curled hair, recently manicured and with, hopefully, what y'all think is a cute outfit, me. Again, Instagram isn't real life. 

Also, when I was recently getting outfits ready to shoot with my amazing BLOG PHOTOGRAPHER, Asha, and thus editing upcoming outfit posts, I realized that every outfit was with me in skinny high waisted jeans. Because, on the days that I do get to showering before noon, I tend to be in a jeans and a top. 

Going back to describing my Instagram image, I would say that I would describe myself more "fancy" and don't think of myself as a "jeans" girl. To me, this description of a "jeans girl" would fall to someone who is confident, effortless, doesn't care but always looks calm, cool, collected and pulled together. Again, not a description I would use for myself. 

Yet, my blog outfit posts, and closet, speak for themselves. I tend to wear skinny jeans 9 times out of 10 and y'all know I live for a good blazer. These HIGH WAISTED SKINNY JEANS are my new obsession. I love the 90s feel of this black but light wash and the cut could not be more comfortable. These HIGH WAISTED SKINNY JEANS are always what I recommend {I have yet to have someone try them and not love them!}, so I was reluctant to reinvent the wheel by trying another brand. Yet, I am in love! I just ordered these and these in the same style.

So...I apologize in advance for every outfit post being high waisted skinny jeans. 


workout Wednesday: My weekly schedule

Saturday morning classes always have such a fun energy!

Walking uphill on the treadmill while doing arm exercises with 5lb weights.
I have been using much heavier weights at OrangeTheory, CorePower Yoga and on my own at the gym, but I thought it would be a great way to change up my workouts, how much my muscles get used to lifting and a chance to tone instead of build.

I did: biceps curls, lateral raises, shoulder presses {a lot of these}, bicep curls with a shoulder press, and upright rows. 

I ran to our club gym {1.45 miles}
Did Kayla Stronger 1.0 on the Sweat App {legs} and then ran home {1.45 miles}

Ran pushing the stroller around half of the golf course in town {about 2.5 miles}
My legs were still incredibly tired from the day before...

35 minutes elliptical
Kayla Stronger 1.0 in the Sweat App, Arms and Abs Week 1

OrangeTheory 6:05am class

I had a well deserved MOPs Moms' Night Out, so I wanted to make sure to get a great workout in before overindulging in cocktails and french fries. 

 We had Madrid's follow up appointment about her broken leg. After the appointment we went shopping, so I included this Carrie Bradshaw approach of "Shopping's my Cardio" and enjoyed our day together.

After they woke from their afternoon naps, I took the two cuties and the pup {& a Solo cup of White Wine} for a sunset walk. 

BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 1 Full Body in the Sweat App
35 minutes elliptical 


instagram recently

mom outfit selfie

Since buying these HIGH WAISTED JEANS, I have only taken them off to workout, shower, sleep and wash them again. I am a jeans girl and wear them with tees, cute tops and blazer. They are my uniform. So naturally, I bought these WHITE BUTTON FLY HIGH WAISTED JEANS ones too. 

If you are looking for a very similar pair that is under $100, check out these HIGH WAISTED SKINNY JEANS. These ones I have prompted on IG, my stories, the blog and to my friends. I have yet to have a friend {or reader! or both!} try them and not love them. 

Please don't forget to reach out to me if you buy either! I love hearing about you girls loving something that you have found here. 

Oh! and this PERFECT GRAY TEE {tank here, short sleeve here} is $17, super soft and perfectly drapey.

scarf jean jacket outfit

I think my caption for this post totally jinxed me for the next day. We had a serious case of the Mondays around here the next day. 
Mondays are always a little tough since the kids love being with their dad, who is extremely hands on, but Madrid was so frustrated with her cast and her limited mobility and Leo was looking for dada around every corner, so we had a difficult day. 

But I tried to remind myself to be so thankful for all the blessings in our life. It was such a stressful mom day, that I didn't totally appreciate my plan to look for Joy in everything. But two days later, I caught myself praying for gratitude for everything that was going well {happy kids, Madrid getting more mobile and the beautiful clouds in the sky. Really. I can be extremely corny. But they were really pretty after some morning rain...}. Madrid interrupted me and said, "Are you praying? Why?" and I explained to her the above. Most of the time, it is the little things that get you through the big things. 

Corny enough???

faux leather leggings outfit

These FAUX LEATHER SPANX LEGGINGS are super comfy and flattering. I tend to reach for them on days that I want to be comfy but not quite in workout leggings. I love pairing them with a long oversized cashmere sweater. 

ruffle sneakers

Original post HERE.
and it includes our bedtime routine! 

After surviving our first week with Madrid's cast, I totally deserved a mom's night out. 


ruffle peplum

striped ruffle top

striped ruffle top

striped ruffle top

striped ruffle top and skinny jeans outfit

striped ruffle top and skinny jeans outfit

striped peplum top outfit

skinny jeans and converse outfit

skinny jeans and converse outfit

striped peplum top and white sneakers outfit

striped peplum top and white sneakers outfit

Welp...being a mom is tough. 

If you follow along on Instagram and IG stories, you saw that our little cutie ended up in a cast last week. Watching your mini me uncomfortable, unable to run, jump and play and ask "Uncle Will take off my big band aid?" is utterly heartbreaking. 

These photos are proof that I don't edit my photos, as you can see a burn on my left wrist {yuck! sorry!... } and wrinkles on my shirt at my left hip from carrying around my cuties. 

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