mommy monday

mom embroidered pocket tees

Y'all know that I love easy but cute dressing. I also love a great tee and a budget friendly find. And I love the slouchy boyfriend style, but now with adorable embroidered detailing. This, to me, makes the tee look high end and more pulled together than your favorite {real} boyfriend tee.  

white bow toddler girl shoes

I get lots of questions about Madrid's style. I love seeing little girls cultivate their clothing choices, as it is such an individual combination of what their parents like and what they think is their style. Madrid, at almost three, is very opinionated about her fashion and I couldn't be more excited that she prefers to dress extremely girly. She is already stealing my shoes and loves being in my closet. I wonder where she gets it from...

I get a lot of questions about the best toddler shoes. I have loved her in PEDIPEDS and I love the style of them. They are comfy with and without socks and come in multiple styles and colors {I love these for dressier days}. Sadly, the cuter style are meant for smaller feet, but I have recently fell in love with this brand for playground friendly shoes, and they come in navy! I just ordered this dark denim pair for school!

monogrammed key chain wallet

I had a similar key chain in collage. Your student ID was the key to campus {literally!}. It got you into the gym, purchased items at the bookstore {hello SendHome!}, granted you access into your sorority house and of course, got you into the library. Therefore, I had one of these, complete with my sorority monogram. 

Because I literally have my hands full and have lost my keys and credit card more than once with two little ones in tow, I decided to bring the wallet key chain back. Complete with my monogram, I have yet to loose my keys or credit card since I purchased this for myself. I am all about simplifying my mom life, and if that means more monograms, I am all for it!

easy mom makeup

This summer has been all about no makeup for me. One time, I counted and I existed 8 days in a row with no makeup. I have recently re-realized that a little mascara goes a long way, especially for my blonde eyelashes. Therefore, the above has been my go to makeup look for summer. 

como tomo teething toy

This was Madrid's favorite toy when she was Leo's age. My mom's new puppy, at the time, loved it as well, so it was constantly getting replaced. Now it is one of my favorite's due to its cheap price and small size. Perfect for all of our summer travels and easy to throw in the diaper bag!


black basic bell

black jacket and denim shorts outfitbell sleeve jacket outfit

ruffle frill cropped jacket outfit

black sneakers and denim shorts outfit

bell sleeve jacket outfit

black sneakers outfit

bell sleeve jacket

dressy denim shorts outfit

jacket : BLACK BELL SLEEVE CROPPED JACKET {more color options available here} // top : GRAY LINEN TANK // shorts : DISTRESSED DENIM SHORTS // shoes : BLACK SUEDE SNEAKERS // necklace : ROSE GOLD NAMEPLATE NECKLACE mine with my daughter's name  // necklace : SKINNY GOLD NAMEPLATE NECKLACE mine with my son's name  // bracelet : HERMES CLIC CLAC // bracelet  : DAVID YURMAN BANGLE // bracelet : DAVID YURMAN CABLE BRACELET 

While those of you that have been following along for a while, know that I have a shopping problem, y'all also know that I love a great basic.

I feel in love with this jacket in navy at the Nordstrom Sale, but when I realized that it also came in black, blush and powder blue, for the first time, navy wasn't the obvious choice {more color and size options here}! I love the idea of this paired over a long cashmere turtleneck in the cooler months, over a cocktail dress and with simple basics, like I paired it with here. Mixing the feminine sleeves with the unassuming distressed shorts that I have lived in all summer made me feel like a "cool" mom. 


mommy monday

pineapple print pjs

I am firm believer in a good set of pjs. As my last time breast feeding will be ending soon {when?, you ask...not quite sure...}, I have recently cleaned out my pajama collection, getting rid of pjs that I didn't necessarily like, but were extremely nursing friendly. As I am still breast feeding first thing in the morning, my current favorites do lend themselves to this, but are cuter and more my style when this time of life does end for the last time.

These PINEAPPLE PJS were too cute not to pass up! They were recently restocked in all sizes and come in a navy pair with more coverage. 

once a day baby journal

These BABY JOURNAL are often one of the first things I recommend new moms to get, moms with toddlers or a recommended shower gift for a pregnant friend. It does seem time consuming, and can be frustrating at times when you forget to do a week, and have to rack your mommy brain for all the adorable things that happened the prior week....BUT I have already loved going over things that have happened with both children. I have one for each, each day's entry is a sentence or two and the stories and milestones are worth their weight in gold when you go back over prior years.


I, like most moms, tend to change my skin care routine quite frequently. I have a gnarly pregnancy/ breast feeding mask from two pregnancies in two years and am constantly trying to find breast feeding friendly products that I like, but also work. These ARCONA PADS are one of my all time favorite beauty finds and they provide an instant refresh. I use them first thing after washing my face, both night and day. 

best baby sunscreen

Also, like most moms, I have tried my fair share of baby products. I have tried all the obvious brands, but BABYGANICS SUNSCREEN is by far my favorite sunscreen. As a first time mom, I went out and bought all sunscreens that said baby on them, only to do my research and realize that these products were great at marketing but quite harmful for your children. Just because it says 'Baby' on it, doesn't mean it is safe! 

This sunscreen has the best coverage, non greasy or sticky formula and is harm free. I literally use nothing else for me or my family. Plus, the size and price make it last forever. I use it daily and think that I am just now at the bottom of the first one and you've seen that we have been going to the pool multiple times a week. 

best baby teether

As you've seen on Insta Stories, Little Man is teething. While everything that you hand to him, and everything that you don't, ends up in his mouth, I have found that he prefers this TEETHER. It is soft, BPA free and massages his gums and gets him ready to start brushing his teeth. {Also, picked up this one from Target.}


white bells

white bell sleeve top outfit

white bell sleeve top outfit

white bell sleeve top
white bell sleeve top

white bell sleeve top
white bell sleeve top outfit

all white bell sleep top outfit

all white bell sleep top outfit

all white bell sleep top outfit

oversized square sunglasses and saint laurent blush bag

white bell sleeve top outfit

white bell sleeve top outfit

Y'all know that I recently cannot get enough white. 
It dawned on me that while completely unconventional with two little kiddos, my growing collection of white sneakers might soon be under scrutiny with the whole "no white shoes after Labor Day rule."

Nevertheless, when I spotted this budget friendly top, I couldn't click 'Purchase' quickly enough. I don't remember when I first came across this extremely budget friendly and on trend brand, but it is has quickly become a line that I look for when shopping. Not sponsored, but you know I love to share my shopping obsessions!


1. I lived in Rome for the summer after college. I thought I wanted to go work for the State Department and had an internship at the American Embassy. I picked the brains of any one higher than me to inquire about life in the State Department. Like most careers, most women told me that you had to choose between career success and a family. 

2. I hate cooking but I do it everyday.

3. My office is a mess. I blame the kids, but how could they possibly create this much of a mess everyday?!?

4. I love to organize things and make piles. I often don't get past the pile phase into the putting away phase.

5. I am wildly passionate about sea mammals and will probably defriend you if you swim with dolphins. Or go to Seaworld. Add 'Blackfish' to your must watch movie list. Now. 


budget pink lips

the best pink lipstick

the best pink lipstick

Y'all know that I love a great pink lip. 

Bright, soft, neon, versatile, I don't think I have ever met a pink lip I didn't like. When I purchased this {$8} lipstick in the personal care aisle at the supermarket, I thought I might like it, but I love it! Never underestimate the makeup aisle at Target or your supermarket! This lipstick is matte but full of pigment. It feels great on your lips and is budget friendly, what is not to love!? Paired with the lip liner I have had to replace multiple times because I have worn it down to a stub, it was perfect date night lip. 

Start in the outer corners of your lower lip, working towards the center in short strokes. Rub your lips together to mix up and lower lips together and fill in where color is missing or not uniform. Line your lips, starting the same way you did the lipstick: the outer corners of the lower lip, concentrating in the middle of your bottom lip.  Rub your upper and lower lip together to make the line soft. Line the upper lip and rub together again. 


instagram lately

black satin bow slides black cap toe sneakers

Are you tired of seeing either of these shoes on my feed, yet? These are my favorite thing from the Nordstrom sale {today is the last day!} and the price 100% does not reflect the quality! I would happily have paid double. They come in a rose gold and gray as well.

These satin bow slides were an impulse purchase that I keep high fiving myself for! They come in blush and black and are under $25. You will be surprised when you see where they are from...

bootay bag

Bootay Bag is the newest monthly subscription service, but this one is for stuff you actually need! Whose underwear drawer doesn't need a cute little spruce up one a month with two pairs of undies? Pick if you like only thongs, only briefs or a mixture of both to get the cutest undies delivered to your door. 

Thank you to BootayBag for sponsoring this post. 

Lauren Ralph Lauren striped dress

You know that I can't resist a great navy stripe! 

white off the shoulder top outfit

Thank you to TOBI for sending me this off the shoulder top that I can't stop wearing. {love the olive for fall}. As you can tell, it looks just as cute with jeans as it does with my favorite denim cut offs for a more casual, late summer look. 

pink espadrille flats

Thank you to Lauren Ralph Lauren for partnering with me for a couple of posts. Sponsored or not, these shoes are so comfortable and the perfect transitional shoe into late summer. They are currently marked down to $39 and come in navy!

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