best black friday deals

 Get all your shopping done before December!

I have rounded up my favorite items from my favorite sales, including the stuff I already purchased and what I am asking for from Santa...

J.CREW -  duh! This is where a majority of my closet is from and what I always check first for sales. I got this velvet tie top for myself, these for my dad and this for my cousin.  40% OFF EVERYTHING 

KATE SPADE - my sister-in-law is a big fan, so I have told Santa to check here for her! 30% OFF EVERYTHING with code GIVEJOY

LOFT - I recently made my first purchase from here and now check this website weekly. You won't want to miss out this 40% Off today for essentials you will be wearing until summer. 40% OFF with code GIFTITUP 

MARK & GRAHAM - I always love to include all their monogrammed gifts in my gift guides and these are my favorite hostess or new home owners gifts! Monogramming is free and they have an extremely quick turn around.


gift guide : under $100 for mom, bestie and sister

mom holiday gifts

1. STRAW CLUTCH {$35} - perfect for anyone on your list that has an upcoming tropical vacation. Or possibly for the bride on your list for her honeymoon!

2. VINTAGE PJ SET {$95} - these are my favorite pjs and always end up on my gift list each year for someone. Add a monogram for the perfect personalized gift.

3. HANKY PANKY LOW RISE THONG SET {$89} - any girl on your list probably has this on her list! I got one for myself too.

4. CASHMERE SCARF {$60} - this will be, quite possibly, the best gift that you give! At $60 and 100% cashmere, it is beyond a steal. I have blush, but is also comes in plum and gray.

5. VELVET HAIR BOW {$17} - for any chic woman on your list with the hair for this!

6. CHARLOTTE TILBURY KIM K.W. LIPSTICK {$34} - this is the most flattering color on everyone. The perfect stocking stuffer.

7. FLUFFY SLIPPERS {$30} - I need a new pair of slippers, so this cute fuzzy pair is on my list. They also come in black and pink.

8. MONOGRAMMED POUCH {$49-$59} - I love giving this to moms to keep their essential from accumulating at the the bottom of their diaper bag. It also makes a cute clutch.

9. MONOGRAMMED CATCH ALL DISH {$20} - another great hostess gift or for you aunt.

10. DIOR COFFEE TABLE BOOK {$95} - for the blogger bestie or fashionista. I am currently in the process of decorating my office, so I always have my eye out for great fashion coffee table books like this one.

11. VELVET BOW BUTTON UP SHIRT {$78} - I already know that my mom has her eye on this...

12. GOLD BEADED BALL DROP EARRINGS {$44} - holiday earrings are always my fav! They make me wish I had my ears pierced every year. But I love to live vicariously through my gifting. These would be just as chic paired with an evening gown as with a white tee.


my favorite oils

I like the BEAUTYCOUNTER #2 FACE OIL because of the name, "Plumbing" making me feel like I am making my face look younger. Plus, this company is heading the movement on safer products in the United States, making changes in legislation that will limit the amount of toxins  allowed in consumer products. With attention disorders, fertility issues and autism all on the rise, there are studies that are showing with extreme exposure to toxins in food and products, I can stand behind any company that is trying to make our world safer. Plus this company empowers women and their products are amazing. I wish this product wasn't $68 because otherwise I might bathe in it. 

This MAMA'S MIRAC-OIL is made by a friend and fellow mama Carly from The Pregger's Pantry. She, and her feed, has given me confidence to make things I wouldn't think of for my little ones that are healthy and yummy! Her new venture with this oil is something that she is extremely passionate about and she has done her research to provide ingredient that will make your skin softer and smoother. I like that it is completely different from other oils in the delicious lemon smell. I love how my skin feels after I use it the previous night, lush and ready for the day. Plus, the price can't be beat: $25!

This CLARIN'S FACE OIL was a gift after visiting a girlfriend who had the best products in her guest suite. She was helping me get my stuff together and saw me taking a picture of this oil and told me to take it with me. I was so in love with it after using it all weekend, I didn't object! I love the feeling of this oil, the smell is beyond divine and I love that it isn't too greasy. This makes my skin the least shiny of any of the oils in today's post. And the bottle is too pretty that I leave it out on my bathroom counter.

I found this line at my local Sprouts and love it! They were having a crazy sale on beauty that day, so I used this chance to stock up, so get excited to see a lot of this brand. This NATURAL GLOW FACE OIL is great as, it is intended for your entire body. I have used it on my nails after a get manicure and on my hair after curling it a couple days in a row.  Plus, anything with "brightening" in the name has me hooked, as I am still self conscious of my pigmentation on my face from two back to back pregnancies. I have tried some other products from this line and love them so far. Stayed tuned for when I share more!


holiday ready

dressy thanksgiving outfit




While all the outfit suggestions that I have seen for Thanksgiving are mostly sweaters and jeans, my family tradition has always been to dress up! I was thus inspired to share this adorable outfit with you for all your holiday needs. As that collar is detachable, I am thinking that this dress will also work for a January wedding we have with some tights. Plus, I found it on sale here, here and here.


instagram shopping links

brown chanel flats

pink fleece outfit

From the above designer dudes, to my daily workout uniform. Hey, it's all about balance, right? This fleece popover is a tad too thick and cozy for San Diego winter, but I have loved it for the early morning chill. 

gray cashmere vest

I now have two gray cashmere vests in my closet. One from my office days and living in New York and this one was a purchase from a summer sale and I couldn't wait to wear it. I had originally imagined it over striped and possibly under a blazer, but I used it to "winter" up this all white outfit from a mommy errand day last week. This button up is my currently favorite and I just ordered it in blue as well. You never have enough perfect button ups. 

best navy workout leggings

Are you sick of seeing and hearing about my favorite navy leggings yet? I seriously have a love affair with these and work all three pairs that I own on consecutive days last week. They are beyond amazing. 

high waisted ripped jeans

My favorite jeans, that I have in three washes, are on sale! They are already extremely budget friendly and I get asked about them from readers at least once a week. These sneakers, {they come in three colors} are also on sale!


gift guide: for the hostess

gold budget hostess gifts

As the holiday celebration invitations are beginning to arrive, and we are trying to plan our own in our new home, what better gift guide to start with than for the hostess!

1. MONOGRAMMED COOPER TRAY {$159} - perfect for the boss' party or your best friend's mom

2. PROSECCO CANDLE {$9} - I like to have gifts like this one in my gift closet for any party, any time of year. It comes in a cute box, already wrapped and shows a little thought without having to allow extra delivery time for monogramming.

3. MIGHT BE BUBBLY MUG {$16} - perfect for the bestie or the champagne lover. Bring a bottle of bubbly too.

4. MR. & MRS. BAR GLASSES {$24} - I love including these in my yearly gift guides as they are cute for the newly married, the empty nesters or any lovely couple on your list.

5. MONOGRAMMED MIRROR {$25} - small, thoughtful and budget friendly!

6. LEATHER TASSEL MONOGRAMMED KEY CHAIN {$49} - this comes in multiple colors and would be great for any mom on your list. The tassel is a great distractors for little ones when trying to get things done and the pop of color makes it easy to find in your bag.

7. MONOGRAMMED CHAMPAGNE FLUTES {$25/2} - they come stemless too!

8. MONOGRAMMED CATCH ALL DISH {$20} - I truly believed that a monogrammed gift is the easiest way to make the most thoughtful gift.

9. VINTAGE PJ SET {$95} - These are my favorite pjs in my closet. I have mine monogrammed. The cozy style, yet light weight fabric makes them not too hot. I wore these everyday in the early days of newborns : I was covered up for when visitors came over, easy button from for nursing and the pants are drawstring to be able to go to the bathroom while holding a newborn, a talent I had no idea was important before I became a mom.

10. BUT FIRST, COFFEE MUG {$18} - give this gift with a Starbucks gift card. Any hostess will totally appreciate the extra caffeine during the holidays!

11. FORTUNE COOKIE COSMETICS CASE {$49} - comes in three colors and can be monogrammed!

12. FALLING STAR DANDLE EARRINGS {$58} - perfect for the chic hostess on your list. 


workout Wednesday: my thoughts on Kayla and my weekly schedule

best navy workout pants

I had tried Kayla Itsines workouts after I had Madrid, but quickly found out I was pregnant with Leo and the workouts are very core based. In August, I began to start them again, hoping to be consistent, and found that in a quick 28 minutes, I was sweaty, extremely sore the next day and felt like I had completed a good workout. As a runner, this is hard to find! This isn't sponsored, but I wanted to share what has made me feel like I am in better shape, better emotional shape and has made getting a quick but extremely efficient workout work for me. And...

I have abs.

Yes, I know that to keep your internal organs inside your body, everyone has abs, but mine are visible for quite possibly the first time in my life. And I give Kayla Itsines all the credit.

I know that a million bloggers, some that dedicate all their photos and content to tracking their Kayla workouts exist, so I am not going to reinvent the wheel and start documenting what I eat everyday. But these Kayla workouts have made my workouts stay on track, make me feel like I am getting something done in a limited time and have made me have visible abs for the first time ever.

I can't help but think what amazing changes I would have seen if I had been more consistent this summer and beginning of the fall. The idea behind these workouts is you do them three times a week, along with cardio {find one of my treadmill intervals here. and another in this post}. For my schedule, sometimes I would do them once a week, sometimes four, always keeping track and trying to do them in the intended order. Let me tell you, I am still convinced that Week 1 Legs is the hardest!

By fitting them into my other workouts, getting back into CorePower, my favorite weekly/ bi-weekly runs and the amazing travels we had this summer, I felt that on days that I "didn't have time," or didn't feel like it, or were traveling, I knew that I could modify the workouts. By knowing that I could get them done in a quick 28 minutes, and for the first couple of weeks, with limited gear, it kept the idea of doing it for 12 weeks attainable. Truth: in Sun Valley, I used logs from the fireplace for weights and various furniture to get the workout done. {think tricep dips on the coffee table, step ups on the fireplace.}

This is not sponsored but I know that if you follow other bloggers, or have a workout regime somewhat in your daily life, you probably have heard of Kayla Itsines. While I used images that I found on Pinterest and put them in order, I have heard that the app is extremely user friendly, with included modifications if you don't have any equipment. Below is the short list of things that I do have in our home gym:

-treadmill {and I kind of want to add a rower...}
-weights : 15 lbs, 8 lbs and 5 lbs
-elastic bands
-workout step this is I purchased after realizing how much I would use it for the Kayla workouts. I use this instead of a bosu ball in week 10-12
-workout mat

Saturday :
37 minutes elliptical
Kayla Itsines Week 12 Abs

Sunday :
CorePower Yoga 2 75 minutes

Monday :
Kayla Itsines Week 12 Arms {my last workout of the first 12 weeks!}

Wednesday :
45 minutes elliptical
Arms :
Set One x 3
Bench press 15 lbs x 15
Shoulder press 15 lbs x 15
In & Out Bicep 15 lbs x 15
Regular bicep curl with weights in front of you, 
when you go down, bring your arms out to the side and elbows are in your side
and curl again
this is one rep
Shoulder girdle 12 lbs x15
bring arms to 90 degrees, crossing in front of your body at about the belly button
Alternate crossing wrists over each other when they meet at the center of the body 

Set Two x 3
 Regular bicep curls 15 lbs x 15
Bench Pull 15 lbs x 15 each side
Back flat, parallel to the ground
Right arm and right knee rest on the bench, weight in left arm and left leg on the ground
Keep arm close to the body and pull weight up to the armpit, this is one rep

Thursday :
5 mile trail run

Friday :
Kayla Itsines Week 1 Arms & Abs

CorePower Yoga Sculpt


best blanket scarves under $30

plaid blanket scarf

best blanket scarves under $30
1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8.

The weather has {finally!} cooled down in San Diego, so being the good blogger that I am, of course I have started using my blanket scarves weekly! { you've seen this blush oversized plaid one. and you know that I love this $60 cashmere one.} There are currently endless options, all at a budget {#1 & #2 are $15!}. These would make a great holiday gift for just about anyone on your list. Think, boss, nanny, mother in law, playdate friend, the kids' teacher...


a sneak peek at our dining room


I plan on doing an entire {possibly, couple} of posts, complete with 'Before' and 'After' photos of our dining room. But, as you saw from this photo a couple of weeks ago,  I couldn't help but give you a sneak peek, above.

While I know that everyone is getting ready for the holiday, {seriously: I saw a Christmas commercial the first week of September}, we have a family tradition that gives each holiday its moment. The weekend after Thanksgiving, we go and buy our tree and set it up while Christmas Vacation is playing in the background. This is something that my husband initiated our first Christmas together and this promises that we won't start bringing out the tinsel too early.

Plus our daughter is a November baby. November to me, is still pumpkin and fall decor season, and I don't want her to birthday to get overshadowed by said tinsel. The gold and white pumpkins that are still decorating our dinning room table and mantel are now on major sale. I have included other fall friendly decor below if you are still celebrating fall and November, like us! { how cute are these glitter pumpkin votives? they would be so cute in front of each place card for your Thanksgiving table!}


Instagram Lately

ruffle collar sweater outfit

Last week, I had to run some errands and took it as an opportunity to check out the new Nordstrom in our city. I meet my mom there and we promptly went straight to the designer shoe section, with kiddos in tow. They turned the circular sofas into a play yard, which we totally encouraged, and we each bought some new shoes. Needless to say, the original errands I set out to run, didn't get done...

As we headed to the car, I quickly remembered that we had family photos the next day and needed something to coordinate with Madrid's adorable GRAY SMOCKED DRESS and with Leo's SWEATER PULLOVER. {The husband is easy and was going to wear either a white or blue button down, both already ironed and hanging in his closet.} The saleslady promptly wanted me to try on anything she could find in navy, whereas I needed something quick, easy and a no brainer. My mom quickly spotted this sweater, which I tried on right there over my workout tank and went straight to the register. 

When I came home to check to link it for you guys, I found that I had paid full price, but that is was on sale {and still is!}. I linked it below in black and multiple retailers.

cashmere sweater and ripped jeans

I pulled out this old rag & bone cashmere sweater the first chance I got. It is so cozy and oversized that it looks great with faux leather leggings too. But ripped jeans and converse are the ultimate mommy uniform. 

two in one sweater outfit

Original post here

velvet tank outfit

I love the idea of velvet this time of year. There are endless options at all price points right now but I loved the mix of this kinda sexy tank with a cozy oversized knit open front cardigan. 


the only holiday top you need {and it's $18!}

navy velvet tee

navy velvet tee outfit
velvet velour tee

velvet velour tee outfit

easy holiday outfit
velvet holiday outfit

velvet tee and skinny jeans outfit

velvet holiday tee

navy velvet holiday outfit

velvet tee and gold choker
^^ the late in the day coffee is thanks to a 1 and 2 year old with Day Light Savings...

tee : NAVY CRUSHED VELVET TEE // jeans : HIGH WAISTED SKINNY JEANS // shoes : CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN PIGALLE PUMP // sunglasses : SONIX PARKER SUNGLASSES // necklace : LACE CHOKER // necklace : SKINNY NAMEPLATE NECKLACE // necklace : STATE NECKLACE {mine with Texas} // bracelets: HERMES CLIC CLAC, get preloved here // nails : ESSIE 'BALLET SLIPPER'

Whether your holiday plans consist of hosting Thanksgiving {me} or a Mom's Night Out {also me}, this top is all you need. PS- it is only $18 and comes in three colors!

This time of year, I always say never underestimate the power of a bold lip and some holiday swagger. With the right confidence, this outfit could work for a holiday party or paired with a blazer, a more festive affair. Paired with a faux leather skirt, some black pantyhose {a la Kate Middleton} and booties, you are seriously ready for whatever this holiday season has in store for you.

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