the only lip liners you will ever need

best lip liners

My go to lip color is rather simple: one light layer of this GRAPEFRUIT BALM and then using this LIP LINER in 'Edge to Edge'. I focus on lining the lips, working my way into the center of the lip, using the lip layer of lip balm to help blend.

This is my favorite lip color to use. I've worn it to workout. I've worn it to date night. When you find the color that works on you, it will work for every moment in your life. Plus, I truly feel that you are never fully dressed until you have lip liner and a smile!

I recently found this UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING LIP LINER and have realized, that I have stumbled upon the only two lip liners you will ever need in your life!


workout wednesday: my weekly schedule

black apl sneakers

4 mile run along the water in San Francisco with our cousins

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Pyramid Challenge

Jumping Rope x 100
Mountain Climbers x100
Ab Bikes x 100

Decrease each set my 10 until your last circuit is 10 of each exercise. 

Jumping Rope x 90
Mountain Climbers x 90
Ab Bikes x 90

Jumping Rope x 80
Mountain Climbers  x 80
Ab Bikes  x 80


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Abs Week 12
 I can't believe that I am already in Week 12 of this workout! As I explained before, I have been doing BBG workouts for a while now {probably about 8 months}, but have always googled or Pinterested images of the week that I was on. The app makes it so much easier to keep track and stay on track. Not sponsored. Highly recommended. 

3.5 mile along the water with Leo man, pushing our single RUNNING STROLLER
it is so much lighter after getting used to pushing the Double Running Stroller

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Legs Week 12

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Arms Week 12
20 minutes elliptical

45 minutes elliptical 

OrangeTheory Class


Meghan + Harry

meghan markle alone with the priest

best photo of the royal wedding flowers

By now, you have seen the dress, the flowers and got spammed by my IG stories. But just because the  Royal Wedding is technically over {I still haven't gotten my fill!}, there is still more to enjoy. Below are some accounts I recommend following to get more Royal Wedding in your life, as if you've had enough.

This is the only official account of those that reside at KP. While it is well know that The Palace does not allow social media due to safety issues, this account is run with official Royal News, such as events and appearances and news. This is the first place that the engagement photos of Meghan and Harry were shared and the first official photos of Prince Louis. I also recommend @ClarenceHouse for Prince Charles and Camilla news. 

This is the photographer that shot those family engagement photos and he is also the wedding photographer. While Royal Weddings are a bit different than stateside weddings for many reason, the one thing we did not see on Saturday was a photographer tiptoeing around the aisle and alter to get shots of the couple during the ceremony. Thanks to the media coverage, these images will not be needed. Regardless, he is the official photographer for the event we did not see and therefore {fingers crossed!!!} he will be sharing photos from the luncheon and the evening reception, as well as official, and hopefully, some unofficial ones too. 

They are responsible for, quite possibly, the most gorgeous wedding flowers I have ever seen. While I don't think they will ever be able to top that, you can follow along with them as they try. 

This is account I started to continue to share the random Royal Family facts that I know and learn along the way. I will take the character limit in IG captions to the test and try to focus on questions I have received and topics that y'all have expressed interest in. 
There a countless fan pages to every member of the Royal Family, and since my love for them runs deep and true, I will try to focus on all members, but you can beat that I will be focusing on sharing the history that I know in the coming weeks that pertains to this and all Royal weddings.

serious candid of meghan and harry
By now you are fully aware of the ultimate height of my Royal Family obsession.

I get asked all the time when this started and I can't exactly pinpoint but I do remember having a picture of Prince William in my locker from 8th grade pretty much for the rest of high school and being furious when I learned about Princess Di's wedding, because I didn't remember my mom letting me watch it. {It was in July 1981. I wouldn't be born for a couple of years...}

I am fully aware of my obsession. But it wasn't until I spammed y'all with my IG stories that I realized, hearing myself talk about it, the amount of facts that I do know. Like Meghan's dress, some of you hated my comments but many of you loved them. Therefore, I have started the new IG account with the best Royal Family facts over on @RoyalistLoyalist.

I got many very sweet and encouraging comments that you loved the random facts that I shared while watching the wedding over the weekend all three times. Therefore this account will be a space that I can really let my {Royalist Loyalist} freak flag fly and provide information that you can come back to and read, instead of IG stories that disappear after 24 hours.

As always, please DM me, email be or leave a comment if there is any questions you have. I want, as always, for the spaces that I create on the world wide web to be fun for you to follow.

best photo of meghan markle on her wedding day

^^this was my favorite photo from the entire day. I stole it from Vogue's Instagram

photos all borrowed from Getty Images


instagram lately

best high waisted jeans

Who would have thunk it that extremely high waisted jeans are uber flattering???

I totally think of them in mom jeans because, as a mom, I now live in them. I can't wash these HIGH WAISTED ones quickly enough and I love the wash and these BUTTON FLY HIGH WAISTED JEANS. 

In this post about AT HOME TEETH WHITENING FOR SENSITIVE TEETH, I talked all about Smile Brilliant. I am obsessed and have recieved plenty of DMs from those of you that have taken advantage of the 15% discount code {navyandorangeblog15}.

pearl trimmed dress

My mini papparrazi took this photo after I got home from some church lady duties. This PEARL TRIMMED DRESS is truly timeless and checks all the boxes on list used to described a lady like dress: sleeves, check, fit and flare, check, hits at below the knee, check and the most feminine pearl neckline and sleeve hem. Check, check, check!

sweater set and blazer outfit

The 1950's housewife in me would love to wear sweater sets everyday. And the 1980's career women in me would love to wear blazers everyday. So I was extremely thankful that the weather in San Francisco on a recent weekend away allowed me to layer both.


wedding timeline, when to get up and where to watch

As my Royalist Loyalist standing is at an all time high, I wanted to answer all the Royal Wedding questions I have been getting here. 

While I know that there are countless resources, news outlets and online information, I have had so much fun providing daily "Royal News" updates on my IG Stories. Many of you have commented and DM'd me that you heard certain information on my feed before you heard it on the news! I love being a resource for you, so here are the most common questions I have been getting this week:


I would truly be surprised that this won't be covered by every news outlet. All outlets are offering something, so by all means, watch your favorite. 

CNN would be a great recommendation but I then worry about Trump doing something ridiculous {when does he not?} and taking over the news coverage. 

BBC would be a great outlet since they will have the most UK resources, knowledge, correspondents knowledgeable about royal protocol and this whole thing will be much better to watch with a minute by minute breakdown in a British accent.

KPBS is where I first scheduled to record, since they are one of my favorite news outlets and are no fuss. 

ABC "Good Morning America" will make it fun and lively and they begin their coverage around 1:30 am PST.

NBC and the Today Show seem to have the best location and have already shot a special getting you ready. The anchors do tend to be a bit chatty, so if this isn't your jam, look elsewhere. 

all times are local Windsor England Times. 
Stateside times are displayed further down in this post.

9:00am-11 am: guests will begin arriving. There are about 600 guests invited to be inside the chapel during the wedding, but local charities and royal staff are invited to be on the grounds outside the wedding to observe the day's events. They will begin to arrive at this time.

About 11 am: Meghan and her mom will begin the roughly 24 minute drive from the hotel where she stayed the night before with her mom. 

About 11:20 am: Royal family will begin to arrive. Prince William and Prince Harry will walk to Windsor castle about this time to greet the guests on the grounds and begin walking to the alter. It is not like an American wedding where the groom is paraded in. He waits at the alter for the festivities to start. 

Whenever Queen Elizabeth II is ready: She arrives. As head of the family and country, she is the last royal family member to arrive. Presumably, she will arrive and get seated before Meghan gets out of her car to meet with her page boys and bridesmaids, all godchildren of her and Harry. 

About 11:45 am: Meghan will get situated with her wedding party outside the chapel. I think her mom will be walking her down the aisle and therefore will stay with her from her hotel, until she hands her off to Harry. 

12 pm: Wedding Time!
The wedding will be about an hour. 

1 pm: Harry and Meghan will leave the chapel as husband and wife. 
They will begin their approximate 30 minute drive around Windsor to great all the well wishers. 
They then have a lunch, as is British wedding tradition, with all guests invited to the church wedding. 
coverage will commence at this point.

As is also British Wedding Tradition, a smaller group of friends and family, {read: no heads of state or  non A team} will be invited to a private reception at Frogmore House. This will be of what you typically see in the US for a wedding. Unfortunately, there will be no coverage of this event, so I recommend having your own Spice Girls dance party and pretending you are there!


Below is a breakdown of what time you need to wake up:

To See Everything
1 am California Time {PST}
2 am Colorado Time {MST}
3 am Texas Time {CST}
4 am East Coast Time {EST}

To See Meghan get in her car and drive to Windsor Castle
3 am California Time {PST}
4 am Colorado Time {MST}
5 am Texas Time {CST}
6 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See the Royal Family Arrive
3:20 am California Time {PST}
4:20 am Colorado Time {MST}
5:20 am Texas Time {CST}
6:20 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See Meghan Arrive at Windsor Castle
3:30 am California Time {PST}
4:30 am Colorado Time {MST}
5:30 am Texas Time {CST}
6:30 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See the Queen Arrive
3:45 am California Time {PST}
4:45 am Colorado Time {MST}
5:45 am Texas Time {CST}
6:45 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See the Ceremony
4 am California Time {PST}
5 am Colorado Time {MST}
6 am Texas Time {CST}
7 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See the Drive around Windsor
5 am California Time {PST}
6 am Colorado Time {MST}
7 am Texas Time {CST}
8 am East Coast Time {EST}

I recommend following #MeghanMarkle and #RoyalWedding now on IG. Type those in and click follow. Anything with those hashtags will show up in your feed. That way you can get first hand accounts, associate press photos and unseen photos that won't be on the news!

workout wednesday: my weekly schedule

blush workout out


Sweat App: PWR Abs Week 10

6am CorePower Yoga Sculpt class

this class nearly killed me! It truly wasn't any different than any other day, but I think after a great Yoga Sculpt early class the day before, and for the first time in a while, my body was just worked out in a different way. I highly recommend doing these classes in back to back days! I needed a nap. 

Sweat App: BBG Stronger Arms Week 11 

INTERVAL run on our treadmill for 30 minutes

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Legs Week 11

4 mile run along the water in San Francisco with our cousins


an honest Mom post

mom and kids flower field

mom and kids flower field

mom and kids flower field

mom and babies in field

family photo shoot in flower field

family photo shoot in flower field

kids and mom photoshoot in flower field

kids and mom photoshoot in flower field

kids and mom photoshoot in flower field

I wanted to be a mom my whole life. It looked like fun. It sounded like fun and I've always loved kids. When I first developed a crush on Fernando in the 9th grade, it wasn't because I thought he would be a great dad, it was because he was hot and I was 15 {being a Big Man on Campus and on the water polo team didn't hurt}. When we reconnect in our 20s and I realized that we were getting serious, the qualities that I saw in him that would make a great dad is what made me fall in love with him, even more.  And on our first international trip to Madrid, Spain and he grabbed my hand saying what a cool name Madrid would be for a girl, I knew he would be a cool dad. 

I now rely on him daily to be a "Cool Dad." He keeps his cool, keeps us all smiling and my children each have such a special relationship with him. He supports me when I am frustrated to tears about these little humans that I had dreamt of my entire life. He supports me when we are late to bedtime because he had a family dance party. And he supports me when I wake him in the night concerned that their rooms are too hot/cold, or we don't live in the right city to increase their chances of getting accepted in every Ivy League. {Yes, this is a legitimate concern of mine.}

While I have made a life and career of sharing everything on this make believe "space" of social media and the world that is blogging, I am trying to be more real, more me and more really me. 

Leeana, the author of BRAZEN, came to speak to our MOPS group last week. She has a great slogan to "Begin Again." That those moments of frustration don't have to ruin your whole day. You can take a breath, take a second, and begin the day again with a better attitude. 

Raising these little humans is a thankless job. While every mom will agree, mine are better behaved than most, I am human. I get frustrated. I am not perfect. And I have no idea what I am doing. I am trying to raise compassionate, globally conscience little humans. I make the best decisions that I think will support this. I try to give them life experiences that build their confidence, show them situations that give choices and help with reasonable thinking. I give them well balanced diets and limit their screen time. I limit sugar and stick to a schedule. I do this not to be better than those that don't make these choices or get a good caption or photo for social media. I do this because I think this is what is best. 

I want my presence on your feed to be positive, inspiring and real. I really love this job. I love my life. And I love being a mom. 

My life isn't perfect. My kids aren't perfect, all the time. But it is perfectly mine. 

Happy Mother's Day to myself. And you. 

And You are doing a great job. You are doing your best. And you are doing your great best job. Mom or not, I want you to feel confident after reading this post. Your super power is that you are You. 

Be You. Be Real. Be Really You. 

photos by the amazing Asha Bailey


instagram lately

floral peplum top

Very 1980s 'Dynasty' of me with this top, right? I got lots of DMs about this top!

blogger poolside

Sorry that I spammed you the weekend that I was at one of my favorite place with one of my favorite people, Rancho Valencia with my best friend. This BLACK AND WHITE BIKINI was a purchase I made around the New Year, knowing that a classic bikini would get lots of use this summer. 

Original post HERE

You will see me posting and reposting these photos from ASHA, probably every week. This FLORAL MAXI is just too good. 

striped peplum top

#MomTruth: I had just steamed this top before this photo. But I also had a little Leo Man on my hip right before I took this photo. Just in case you were worried I didn't have attention to detail...


pink wind breaker

pink wind breaker jacket

pink wind breaker jacket

pink wind breaker jacket

I think someone has been listening!

I have been complaining about the continuously warm, sunny San Diego weather being redundant and, poof! we get a chilly spring! Normally by now in the calendar, the weather is warm and I'm complaining that I didn't get to wear my cashmere enough. Yet, even though we are apparently behind on our annual rainfall, I am not minding this 'cooler' spring. 

and these photos make me miss Jackson. He is still at puppy obedience camp. 


workout Wednesday: 90 second treadmill interval training

spa workouts with my bestie
My outfit: WORKOUT BRA // HIGH WAISTED LEGGING I got a 'S' in both

30 minutes stair climber
Barre Sculpt class with my bestie at the spa

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Full Body Week 9
with my bestie

3.3 mile run pushing the two cuties and the DOUBLE RUNNING STROLLER 
a workout in itself!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Arms

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Legs

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Abs
Treadmill Interval training

I stole the idea from OrangeTheory. As you saw on IG stories, the app wouldn't let me sign up for a class and contrary to what you might think, the 5am and 6am classes in my neighborhood book up, so I wasn't going to risk not getting a treadmill or spot in class by not signing up ahead of time, therefore I made my own:

Treadmill Interval Training
switch up your speed every 90 seconds

- first 2 minutes: start at your "starting/warmup" pace {example: 5.7mph}
-2:00-3:30: push to not quite a sprint, but like you might be trying to catch the bus {example: 7.2mph}
-3:30-5:00: faster than your beginning, a comfortable pace that isn't easy nor hard {example: 6.2mph}
-5:00-6:30: an increase of your first increased speed {example: 7.5mph}
-6:30-8:00: still faster than your beginning speed {example:6.4mph}
-8:00-9:30: all out sprint {example: 8.0mph}
-9:30-11:00: return to a speed close to what you began at to recover {example: 6.0mph}
-etc. etc. etc....

change up the speeds every 90 seconds. There is NO right or wrong way to do this! Do what feels good! Do what feels hard! I love this kind of treadmill workout because I am never bored. The time goes quickly and I get a great workout. Try out all speeds, try to mix it up and see how fast you can go and what feels good!

35 minute outdoor walk pushing the DOUBLE RUNNING STROLLER 



chloe white

white chloe flats

If you have been following for a while, you know that I have a strong love affair with CHLOE FLATS. I currently have 3 pairs but gasped audibly when I spotted these WHITE CHLOE FLATS last week when I took a rare trip to the mall.

If you've been following for a while, you also know that I live and love for a closet clean out. I have been strict about getting rid of two pairs of shoes for any new pair I add. I got these last week, so I had to get rid of two pairs of heels that I haven't worn in a while. Therefore, I am already eyeing which shoes are next to go so I can legitimize these white scalloped loves.

While you might immediately argue that white shoes will be difficult to wear, I tend to wear white tops with jeans and white tops with these WHITE BUTTON FLY jeans a lot, so why not do head to toe white? That won't be hard to keep white with two little ones and a puppy, at all! {insert eye roll emoji here.}



Instagram lately

white button fly jeans

These WHITE HIGH WAISTED BUTTON FLY JEANS are my number #1 recommendation of items for you to add to your closet for Spring and Summer! They were nearly impossible to track down when I first bought them, but they have since been restocked in all sizes online. 

I am thankful for this restock since I have recently lost weight since my original purchase, so I was able to get the next size down!

velour striped dress

Once the weather warms up, {San Diego weather can't make up it's mind, global climate change is real people!}, I plan on wearing dresses all Spring and Summer with kicks. This VELOUR STRIPED DRESS is cozy enough, that I won't have to change out of it on days that I have time, or are tempted by snuggles, for a nap.  

floral maxi dress

Original post HERE

floral lace top

Original post HERE

This photo has me missing Jackson man! He is currently at puppy camp for obedience training.

These NUDE SUEDE PUMPS are beyond comfortable and the mid height heel makes them easy to wear all day! I wore them this weekend at church, followed by Deacon duty, followed by brunch with my in laws. I easily chased around and played with my two cuties, forgetting that I had been wearing heels for 4+ hours!

Order 1/2 down. I got a 6 1/2. Also, while getting this post ready, I found that they added a dark navy color way, so I will be owing these pumps in all three colors: black, nude, and navy, duh!

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