momma wants a new bag...

black ysl bag

navy ferragamo bow bag

I need a new handbag like I need a hole in the head.

I could honestly get rid of 10 and we would still have an issue of me having too many. BUT...it is that time of year, yet again {my birthday} and I have been looking for something to spoil myself with and I have inevitably settled on shoes and bags. Original, I know. 

I stumbled upon this CHLOE MARCIE CROSSBODY on sale and thus it is at the top of my list. {here in cognac, here in nut brown, here in black}. But I can never deny a navy grosgrain ribbon, so this VARA MINI BAG is also on my wish list {and again, it is on sale!}. Below are more of my finds and I can't pick a favorite! I imagine this one will be good for the upcoming Coldplay concert and grubby mom days , whereas this one has been on my mind since falling in love with it last summer in Bergdorf Goodman while in New York City {but on that trip, I had already purchased this one while on a "walk." oops!}.

My indecisiveness makes me think none of them and to just get these nude scalloped flats instead. Oh the dilemmas of a spoiled birthday girl. 


mommy monday

best baby toy

This walker always get top rated for toddler and baby toys. It was the first noise making and plastic toy that Madrid got and we still love to watch videos of her carefully pulling herself up and then very cautiously using it to get around and then carefully sitting down when she got to her destination. Even when she was a confident walker, she would love to use it to stroll around the house. This keep Leo, at almost one, entertained for longer than most toys. Being all boy, he is on the move and not cautious like his sister! 

This is something that I always recommend to people who ask for gifts for babies about one year old. Even if you know a baby who is walking, all babies seem to love this. As you can see, both kiddos, Madrid almost 3 and Leo almost 1, love this toy and playing together!

navy puffer vest and striped tee

This vest is something that I post about every fall. I have a couple in my closet and wear them daily in the fall and winter as they are the perfect Southern California winter layer. I love them over workout gear, cashmere, chambray...the options are endless. Every year they include new colors, like this year's FLORAL EXCURSION VEST, which makes last year's styles cheaper {found here}. I have navy {in two styles. insert eye roll emoji here}, and herringbone. This year I am eyeing this Bordeaux color {$39} thinking it will be a perfect mom uniform with my favorite workout leggings in the same color. 

This is always my fall must have and I cannot recommend it to readers enough! 

sonix sunglasses

This brand of sunglasses I found SONIX SUNGLASSES during the Nordstrom sale and I literally am their biggest fan now! I love this company's phone cases but these sunglasses are amazing! I got these two pairs and love the look of them, get a ton of compliments on them {even my husband, who doesn't love or understand my sunglasses obsession, said he likes these ones} and the price point is on point. 

All moms now that sunglasses are a life saver for those days you don't quite have enough time to put on a simple coat of mascara or had a teething baby the night before. Plus, sunglasses are something I always recommend to give a closet a spruce up or when you are itching for something new but need nothing. 

white nike selfie

As seen on all our hiking Insta Stories from our end of summer trip to Sun Valley, these WHITE NIKE SNEAKERS are my workout mommy must have! I don't really know what I was thinking when I packed a brand new pair {...actually, I was thinking of a cute travel selfie that I totally forgot to take once dealing with kiddos at the airport} but they got trashed on all our hikes and morning runs. I ordered another pair before we even got home even though I have a similar style already. What can I say? I really like these shoes and that the white looks good with all workout clothing, especially my favorite navy leggings {tired of hearing about these yet?!?}. And if you are into the athleisure look, they are cute with just about everything. 

I do feel like white sneaks are on trend right now, even though we are well past Labor Day and I can already imagine mommy ready outfits with puffers vest and workout gear with clean white sneakers, even on the days that I don't get a workout in. I like to wash mine by spraying a stain remover and throwing them in the washing machine with my whites. I also do that with Leo's white sneakers


Instagram Lately

mom peplum outfit

This top is working overtime. I wore it yesterday too. 

eyelet peplum top

The mix of this sweater is perfect for mom playdate and preschool drop off. Plus, you know that I love a great peplum.

white daisy top

All white from our trip to Sun Valley to watch the eclipse. 

white ruffle sneakers

My blog photographer is just too good and I had to share this photo from an upcoming outfit post. Plus, I love these sneakers and wanted to show them off before Labor Day. {I just found them here in blush pink!}

The best BEST workout legging. I have them in navy three times: twice in 7/8 length and once in the capri. Promise, better than lulu. The fabric is like butter but you don't feel naked or not held in. THE best legging. {They have an amazing return policy too! You can wear them for a workout to give them the ultimate test and still return them if they aren't for you. #notsponsored I am just in love with these leggings and wanted to share! Asking for a couple of pairs of the fall ready burgundy color for my birthday.}


navy tweed

navy tweed jacket outfit
high waisted jeans outfit

navy tweed jacket outfit

navy chanel wallet on chain

tweed jacket outfit

navy ferragamo flats

high waisted jeans outfit

navy tweed outfit

This past week was extremely overwhelming.

I just had my daughter last week so I have no idea how is already almost three and has started preschool. Literally... how did that happen. I cried when I saw her cubby at orientation. I cried when I left the room and she was happily playing and had no issue saying goodbye to mom, dad or brother. I cried in the parking lot knowing that I was going to be sending her off to college in the blink of an eye. I know that all moms say on their posts {insert annoying mom blogger voice here} "OMG. hashtag time slow down." BUT... it is totally true. 

My husband and I felt that we were totally in a mom movie during the Parents Only orientation with encouragement to join committees, be Room Mom, fundraising, etc. etc. etc. We love love love our preschool and the families in our class, but I still can't believe we are in this phase of life. I already feel like I am late for class. Cue the nightmares that I still have about showing up to a final completely unprepared. I figured her MONOGRAMMED BACKPACK would make me feel like we are prepared, but apparently not! 

The least I can do is dress the part. If you saw on my Insta-stories, my friends in our class that are also first time preschool moms, were laughing at our cute new outfits and make up first thing in the morning. Other moms that have done this before knew the drill: they showed up in workout gear, comfy, yet cute and looking like they were well prepared. Thank goodness for MY FAVORITE NAVY WORKOUT LEGGINGS {that I have three pairs of: 2 in the 7/8 pants and one in the capri}. 

BUT...this navy tweed jacket is currently 30% off with code MOREPLEASE {more size options here, but not on sale}. So you can dress the part of a cool mom too. 


vivid pink

vivid hot lacquer lipgloss in too cute


Me, like every mom, makes weekly runs to Target. Even with multiple subscriptions of baby items in Amazon and an online shopping addiction that makes the mailman and local UPS driver raise an eyebrow, I still find myself at Target on, at least, a bimonthly basis. Sometimes, {a couple of times lately} it is because it has been too hot for the playground and I needed something random for the house and bananas {not many places have both. You would be surprised}. 

The problem is, my daughter and myself can't seem to make it to the register without having something not necessary but desired in our cart {this lipgloss and ruffle top are from the most recent run}. She convinced me she needed a 'Frozen' water bottle for school and I convinced her, I needed this top and lipgloss for the weekend. Everyone wins.  

I do recommend this new line as the lipgloss isn't sticky or extra 'wet' looking {love a great matte lip} and carries a great pigment. 


mommy monday

I know, I know...not white shoes after Labor Day. But with Leo's closet being only navy, white and gray, and him developing into his little boy personality, I think he looks precious in his white sneakers {just got these TODDLER WHITE CONVERSE SNEAKERS in the next three sizes for him}. The other day, it was too hot for pants, so he was just wearing his new sneaks and a white polo, pulling himself up on everything. Too. Cute. 

baby cashmere

I have a fairy godmother. When I called her to tell her I was pregnant with Madrid, {one of the selected few!}, she immediately sent me this gender neutral cashmere cardigan. We didn't know the gender at the time, and this sweater has been worn my both children endless outings. I will never get rid of it, even with countless holes in it as it was my first baby gift, ever. 

When readers ask for great first baby gifts with a more expensive budget, I recommend this timeless piece. Especially for first borns, every mom will be able to justify keeping their little ones extra cozy in cable knit cashmere!

best chambray shirt

This is one of my closet staples and looks just as good with white denim, dark denim or tucked into your favorite skirt. While I have tried a bunch, this CHAMBRAY BUTTON DOWN and this more fitted style are my favorite ones. 

I remember the first outfit I styled with a chambray button down, I thought I was so cool: Chambray button down, navy puffer vest, leopard scarf, black skinny jeans and black flats. How original...

ferragamo flats mom outfit

These are probably one of the my most suggested splurges when readers ask for timeless pieces in their closet. The SALVATORE FERRAGAMO VARINA BOW FLAT goes with anything from t-shirts to ball gowns and is age appraise for the millennial and the 80 +. I have them in navy and blush and cannot recommend them enough.

As a mom on the go, I am always looking for easy ways to look pulled together in an instant. These flats make me fell like I have it together, even if you can maybe tell that I haven't washed my hair in days. This picture was taken on one of the first mom days with two little ones that I had showered before 10pm and got everyone organized and out of the house in under and hour. I was very proud of myself and documented the moment. McKinley was proud of me too. 

animal ear beanie

I have purchased this hat in every size and multiple colors. My daughter wore her pink one nonstop and I loved the idea of keep her little hairless head warm, while not have to put on a bow to specify her gender. As you know, her wardrobe was and continues to be mostly navy. 

I recently got it in navy and gray for the little prince and recommended it to two mom readers, one with twins! It comes in 14 colors and is the perfect hat for any little mini you have in your life. 


one shoulder ruffle

one shoulder ruffle dress

one shoulder ruffle dress oufit
one shoulder ruffle dress

one shoulder ruffle dress oufit
one shoulder ruffle dress

one shoulder ruffle dress oufit

one shoulder ruffle dress

one shoulder ruffle dress
one shoulder ruffle dress

It is almost a perquisite to being a "blogger," but I like fall most. 

I have said time and time again that layers {cashmere, blazers, etc.} are more becoming on almost anyone than the San Diego uniform {shorts and flip flops. All. Year. Long...}.

When I was younger, I would get so excited when Halloween decorations would first be spotted in the stores as it meant that my birthday {in October} was coming. Now, with my in laws and marriages, there are eleven birthdays between September and November, with seven in October alone. As my family is a big birthday celebrating family {think, lots of dinners and decor, not so much a big party family}, the first signs of fall always made me excited.

Now being a mom, with two little birthdays to add to the mix in the fall, I don't know if excited is the right word. I want to be excited for them for birthdays, as I was always excited when I was little, but do I really want to celebrate the quick passage of time with my two little cuties? I know that we strive to make them independent little humans, but I live for these days of two naps, lots of snuggles and nonstop giggles once 'dada' is home. I always get so weirded out that I have put all my time energy, life, into these monkeys, and they will grow, dream and discover a life all their own that I will only get little glimpses of. 

Basically, I am rude and don't want to share. 

I don't want to share them or their time. I want them to be amazing global citizens, but come back and live with me. I never understood why my parents were less than pleased when I wanted to move to Texas, then New York City then Rome, Italy. I thought they were being unsupportive, but I realize now, being a parent myself, that they might not have wanted to share either. That is why I am so lucky to live in the same city as my in-laws, my parents and my brother and his new wife. I guess the San Diego uniform is worth it...


tips for traveling with kids

tips for traveling with kids

{ Madrid's outfit details : NAVY POLO DRESS // WHITE BOW TODDLER SHOES // LION }

I follow many mom bloggers, and most days but especially when they travel, I ponder, "How do they do it?" Madrid, by the time she was 6 months old, had been on 13 flights. Leonardo took his first flight at 8 months. I guess by the numbers alone, you can tell that we either 1. were overly confident with our travel arrangements before Madrid arrived 2. were overly anxious traveling with two little ones or 3. all of the above.

Traveling with children is no joke. Sure, if you want to plug them into your iPad and sit back with your latest tabloid, then I would imagine it can be a lot easier than the way we do it. Our children don't watch TV. Like, ever. Madrid recently got to watch a part of Frozen and her mind was blown. She won't stop singing or dance around. So, plugging our children in for the flight was not our plan.

Our plan was to expect the worst and hope for the best. And we have very, very calm children. {Part of me thinks this is luck, and the other part thinks that it is the little exposure to technology and glowing screens. Not to mention their diet has no processed sugars...not judging! and this isn't the point of the post...} We have had a trip a month this summer, so we are now, naturally, experts. What I carry with us to keep everyone happy is listed below.

- snacks : I bring these PROTIEN BARS for my husband, Madrid and myself and buy water once through TSA. I always pack this NO SPILL TODDLER CUP for Madrid and this SIPPY CUP for Leo, as neither spill when I toss them in the diaper bag. I have learned the hard way to just not even fill them up until after TSA. You think you will remember to empty them out, but you have your hands full, to the brim. Once, we got held up and almost missed our flight {that we were already extremely late for} because they had to double/ triple test the small amount of water in a Leo's cup. If Leonardo doesn't want to nurse on takeoff or landing for his ears, I bring these FRUIT POUCHES for him to have something to suck on, since he doesn't use a pacifier. Also, then I am rest assured that the kids are getting some vegetables on a hectic travel day. I will also Amazon some to our location the day or two before we leave, as well as diapers, so it is one less thing to pack and worry about.

-a Ziploc with an extra outfit for Leo and extra undies and a dress for Madrid. We have never needed them, but we did once have an epic blowout on one of Madrid's first flights. I always bring this DIAPER CHANGER in the diaper bag and find it easy to use in the airplane bathroom and on the fold down tables if my husband is distracting Leo/ holding him still.

-I brought this cozy sweater for me and in case one the children did decide to nap. I am so glad I threw it in our carry on last minute as I used it everyday on our most recent trip to Sun Valley, Idaho.

- I like to hide new treasures in Madrid's backpack as something special and entertaining on the flight. She isn't allowed to peak until we are in our seats. {I had this BUTTERFLY TODDLER BACKPACK for travel and this SEERSUCKER MONOGRAMMED BACKPACK is for school}. New treats include this COLOR SAFE COLORING BOOK, this WOODEN PUZZLE SET, and this DORY STAMP SET. {#momtruth with both kids refusing naps and Leo doing an Irish jig on my lap one hour into a 3 hour flight, we gave in and let Madrid watch 'Finding Nemo'. Now these kind of toys make sense to her.}

-Leo gets new treasures too! I got him this BANANA TEETHER, these STACKING CUPS {surprisingly, the most entertaining thing to him!} and these FIRST TOOTHBRUSHES because he was teething on one of our trips, poor thing!

tips for traveling with kids

We try to get tickets and travel arrangements that coincide with naps, even though this summer has proven that our children don't sleep on flights. Since both children are still taking an afternoon nap, we try to purchase air travel that allows us to be at the place we are staying with extra time to get the children settled for their afternoon nap. That way, they have had at least one sleep in their new rooms for the vacation before the night time. Doing it this way has made it so neither child as ever woken in the night on vacation. Part of this is the excitement of vacation and part of this is the security of being comfortable in their surroundings. I also always bring their SOUND MACHINES and their own SHEETS. This may seem crazy, but again, I think it makes the children comfortable with little things from home. Travel is the exact reason that I choose this sound machine over other more advanced ones: it is cheap, small, and easy to replace or buy a new one.

tips for traveling with kids

For our most recent trip to the mountains, we brought this DOUBLE RUNNING STROLLER as we knew we would probably be running daily and possibly hiking on trails suitable for the off roading capability of this one. Yet, this summer we brought the UPPABABY CRUZ to Mexico {and carried Leo in the BABY BJORN} but when we went to Texas, we brought our other DOUBLE STROLLER. Don't let the airlines scare you! We {tried} to allow plenty of time for check in, were extremely nice and thankful to gate agents and TSA and did not get hassled about any stroller or the size of each double. After one flight, the gentleman responsible to bringing our stroller to the jet bridge, even set it up for us!

For those readers that personally know me or have seen me as a mom, know that I leave little to chance. So before each flight, I researched each airlines' website for weight and height restrictions for strollers and gate check options. Having used three different size stroller on each of our vacations this summer, I have yet to have a problem. The mom blogs and forums that I read about people that did have a problem made me come prepared: if I did get hassled or told that I couldn't bring the stroller though the airport, I was just going to tell the agent that I had researched the airlines policy and frankly, needed the stroller to survive in the airports. As one connection was incredibly close, I was thankful that I wore my WHITE NIKES and brought the running stroller as we got our exercise for the day going for a casual jog through the Salt Lake City Airport.

Again, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst: blowouts, no naps and unappreciative seat mates. Be prepared and always have a smile and you will find that {most} airlines and fellow travels will be willing to help you!

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