our bedtime routine

open cardigan and ripped jeans outfit

barefoot dreams open cardigan outfit

navy saint laurent bag

casual mom outfit

white ruffle sneakers

sneakers outfit

that tee has since sold out, but very similar options below, all under $20

Our bedtime routine is a little dance that we do. It has had similarities since Day One, so the kids know what is coming and there are no surprises. {you can see our daily routine in this post HERE.}

6/6:30pm :Fernando gets home from work about this time. On a good day, I've already worked out and showered earlier in the day, the kitchen is {semi} clean, I've had a chance to get some work done in my office during the kids' afternoon naps and I 've started on dinner. We have recently started using Green Chef {we do the vegan option} and my husband uses this as his thing, so if we have a meal waiting for us, I just focus on getting the kids' dinners ready.

The kids are amazing sleepers and more days than not, I have to wake the kids up about 6-630pm ish, or they are just beginning to wake up. So I use this time to get dinner situated so when I bring them downstairs for family dinner, they have dinner well prepared so they aren't grumpy!

6-7:15 pm :Family dinner! About 5 nights a week, I am organized enough that we are able to sit around the table for family dinner all together. We say Grace before we begin and the kids are old enough that they understand the ritual and we all hold hands. After dinner, the kids play, we have a family dance party and Fernando gets lots of cuddles and playing time with the kids, while I begin to clean up.

7:15 pm :I head upstairs to start the bath, clean out the kids cribs {I give them toys during their nap, but I remove them at bedtime to give them more cuddle space}, straighten up their rooms and get their pjs set out. 

7:20 pm :Bath time! Both kiddos get in the bath in Leo's room together. It took Leo about 8 months to realize he liked the bath, so I try to get him in there ASAP so he can play and splash around. We wash the kids' hair about every other day.

After the bath, we brush both of the kids teeth {Madrid's FLUORIDE FREE TOOTHPASTE} {Leo's TODDLER TOOTHPASTE} then we have what we call a secret, "Secret Lotion Party," {based off of THIS BOOK}. We use this LOTION

7:30-7:45pm :We put on diapers {NIGHTTIME DIAPER}, pajamas and read books. After about 2-3 books, I sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star {all verses found here}. I have been singing this song to both kids since the very beginning while I nursed them as they feel asleep, so they are fully aware that this song means bedtime. I have even tried to sing this song during the day and Madrid will tell me, "No, Mama. That song is for Nighttime." We put both kids down in their cribs, wide awake. Leo has this chandelier with a dimmer and Madrid has this one. She likes hers all the way dimmed, while Leo prefers a darkened room. Different kids like different things!

We leave their rooms, high-five and head to the kitchen. We finish cleaning and then have a glass of wine together, rendezvous on the couch for the Olympics, The Bachelor or each get some work done. 

Sometimes, the kids are asleep before we get downstairs. Sometimes we watch them on their BABY MONITORS roll around, read a book or sing to themselves. But since both kids are aware of the bedtime routine, it happens {roughly} at the same time everyday and they know what is coming, we never have tears at bedtime! 

I am a firm believer in a schedule for kids. They need structure. They need to know what to expect and they need a schedule to feel confident. This works for us. I like to know that I need to be home by 2 pm for the afternoon nap and by 7pm for bedtime. Our kids have been sleeping through the night from 22 weeks and 6 months, respectively. We have always put them in their cribs wide away and might get tears maybe once a month. Considering I put Leo down three times a day {2 naps and one bedtime} and Madrid twice a day, this is actually phenomenal when dealing with a 1 and 3 year old. 

I understand that this thought doesn't work for everyone nor every mom. This works for me. I like structure in my life. I like to know what is coming and have control over my day. Again, dealing with a 1 and 3 year old, this can be difficult. But then I know if the rest of the day goes to sh*t, then I know that nap time will go off with a hitch and bedtime, while it can be crazy, it will happen seamlessly and the kids will go to bed happy. 

Happy babies, happy momma. 


workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule


3 mile run outside pushing Leo in our RUNNING STROLLER

Kayla Itsines Week 11 Legs, Round 2

Walking on the treadmill, changing incline and speed for 1.25 miles, max being 4.2mph
Then for the next 20 minutes, I walked at 4 mph, doing arm exercises with 5 lbs weight
think biceps curls, bicep curls with a shoulder press, lateral raises, etc. 

After battling a cold the day before and feeling worse after my easy above workout, I woke up, immediately put on "real clothes" and makeup to insure that I wouldn't be tempted to workout. My cold was gone and I was feeling much better by late afternoon. 

Kayla Itsines Week 12 Arms, round 2

Kayla Itsines Week 11 Legs, round 2

OrangeTheory class


makeup Tuesday: my current SPF

best skinmedica spf

I have been wearing daily SPF since high school. We would sit on the grass quad at lunch and between that, field hockey practice, runs outside and horse back riding, much less living in San Diego, I more than got my Vitamin D. 

I have tried countless ones over the years and recently was introduced to SKINMEDICA ESSENTIAL DEFENSE SPF 35  I love the higher spectrum of coverage and that the SPF is 35. I found this DAILY SPF LOTION at Sprouts and I find it to be a bit heavier/ creamier/ more moisturizing, so I don't need to use another lotion with it. 

best light weight facial lotion

When I use the SKINMEDICA ESSENTIAL DEFENSE SPF 35 I love that I am protecting my skin {I put it on the back of my hand to apply, then put it on my fingers, rub it together and put it all over my face and neck. For the left over on the back of my hand, I rub the back of my hands together. That San Diego sun finds you, especially during all the mom driving I am doing!}. Yet, because it is so light, my skin still feels a little dry. If I don't use it with one of my favorite FACIAL OILS, then I layer it with this UPLIFTING CREME

Here are all my favorite light to no coverage SPF that are currently in my makeup drawer that I would recommend:

ANDALOU ULTRA SHEER DAILY DEFENSE {my husband steals this one daily!}


instagram lately

skinny jeans and converse

A total mom outfit: cozy layers, under $20 tee and sneakers. {and a crossbody, duh!}

heart choker

I can't stop with this combo. As seen in this post, this LAPIS PAVE HEART NECKLACE is a little something special that I recently got for myself, and I've, honestly, not taken it off since it arrived. 

While there are endless options for a similar look {look here, here and here}, I love that this is 14KT gold and I don't have to take it on and off for Orange Theory, Hot Yoga and the shower. I had Andrea custom make the length a little shorter so I could wear it as a proper choker, or a little longer to layer with my cross that my parents gave me for my eighteen birthday. 

chloe mule flats
These shoes made for a great mail day the other day. You know that I just simply can't resist a feminine scalloped flat!

tweed jacket and chanel flats

I love that our Church has a contemporary service where jeans are encouraged! It gives me a chance to get cute outfits together, since a majority of the time, I am just in my FAVORITE NAVY LEGGINGS.


workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule

GRAY HOODIE currently 40% off = under $50 // best 7/8 LEGGING // ATHLETIC SHOES
puppy, not included

Family run, taking turns pushing the double stroller for 3.2 miles

Again, unintentional, but we were still in Austin, Texas and there were family wedding festivities and then a nap in the afternoon. 

Kayla Itsines week 10 Abs, round 2

Treadmill interval training for 3.25 miles
interval workout here

Kayla Itsines Arms, Week 11 round 2
I added in some of my favorite Tone It Up arm workouts that they feature in their weekly emails. 
think: Arnold presses, bicep curls to a shoulder press and bent over row...

6am CorePower Yoga Sculpt class
my favorite instructor teaches at this time and then I can fit in a workout before MOPs!

Kayla Itsines Abs, Week 11 round 2



instagram lately: Austin, TX edition

black striped lace dress

I fell in love withTHIS BLACK LACE STRIPED DRESS in the late fall. But was trying to behave and told myself I didn't "need" is. {FYI: you always need another LBD}. When I spotted it on sale around the holidays, I couldn't purchase it quickly enough. But then I stopped breastfeeding, and it fit all weird in the chest. While I would normally use this as a reason, and a recommendation, to return it, every time I tried it on, I found myself 1. twirling and 2. finding excuses not to take it off. 

If something makes you feel this good, keep it! {especially if you found it on sale!} and take it to your tailor. Now it fits like it was custom made. 

mom travel style

Y'all. These PACKING CUBESs are Life. Changing. 

Do yourself a favor and order them now. 

We rented an AirBnB while in Austin and I found that this is easier when traveling with little ones. There is access to a full kitchen, a laundry room and multiple rooms for everyone. The ease of this versus trying to get a hotel room that works for everyone has been a little mom hack that we have picked up along the way. Plus, we had a five bedroom house for cheaper than one hotel room where the wedding was per night. Score and mom high five. 

But...the best room for the kids was the master, due to location and drapes. So...my husband and I, being the paying adults on the trip, took the small room that had no clothing storage except for a large hanging only closet. Therefore, these PACKING CUBES doubled as clothing storage for the week.  Win. Win. 

Another mom travel hack that I have learned about is renting baby equipment. Most cities will have a locally run rental business and we have used it twice, once in Sun Valley {we used BABY'S AWAY} and now in Austin {we used I LOVE BABY RENTALS}. I have nothing but amazing things to say about both companies. They are run by moms that know the travel haze with little ones all too well, that is why they created this business. I rented cribs, mattresses, pack and play and a high chair from BABY'S AWAY his summer. And we rented toys, books, a high chair, a full crib, a mini crib, mattresses, sound machines and monitors from  I LOVE BABY RENTALS in Austin. 

Mom truth. I run extremely nervous. Especially with my kiddos. So, I try to control what I can since that won't be much. Therefore I like to have what I need for them to function on schedule as much as possible. With Madrid, I probably would have gotten angry at the idea of renting baby equipment, but with two now, I realize that this is a no brainer. Plus, in Austin this most recent travel away, we rented books and a bin of toys from  I LOVE BABY RENTALS  This. Was. Amazing! The two cuties had new toys and books to play with all week, I didn't have to bring any and the price was beyond beyond worth it. I cannot recommend them, and their toy bin and book bag rental options enough!

simple all black outfit

Whenever I am unsure of the dress code for something, I always go for monochromatic or simple black. Since the rehearsal dinner was a rehearsal dinner, but at a BBQ place, and then out with all the cousins after wards, I figured all black would work for whatever we had planned. Even the food truck donuts that I spotted at the beginning of the night and talked about until we ended there...

mom and double bob stroller

I love traveling to running cities with my favorite running buddies! {my cuties and hubby}


valentine's day gift guide

valentine's day gift guide

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15. // 16. // 17.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn't love love??? {and pizza? and champagne? and chocolate?} and I bought myself a little something {#13} early this year.

I call it my McKinley heart. I thought about getting a tattoo to mark her life in our family, but thought that this would be a funny time to start with that...plus, if I got an 'M' then I would have to get another 'M' for Madrid and then an 'L' for Leo and before you know it, I have a sleeve. Just kidding. But I thought I would enjoy a little navy heart more than some ink. Plus, it arrived on the same day as Jackson did, making it feel extra special. Plus, plus, girl power for buying myself jewelry!


workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule and what I did while traveling

mom and double bob
^from our Saturday family run in Austin

the jacket that Madrid was wearing // the jacket Leo was wearing // our DOUBLE BOB RUNNING STROLLER // the layer I wore at the beginning of our run

I made my own set workout following Megan's videos on instagram {her website is here}

First Set complete 3 times through
-Jump rope for 3 minutes
-Plank with one foot on a slider. Bring your knee up to the same elbow, then cross and under your body to the outside of the opposite side. x15 each side Video here
-Side lateral lunge, holding weights in each hand, with one foot on slider x10 Video here
-Side lateral lunge, with one foot on slider, once extended, windmill arms to side triangle with weights x10 Video here
-Reverse lunge, with back leg on the slider, weights in each hand. Frame your front foot as your back leg slides back, raise weights to a shoulder press x10. Last time, hold back leg back, lift from slider and touch coordinated elbow, holding weights at your chest. x10 Video here

Abs Set  Three times through
-20-30 full sit ups on an incline
-come to a V sit, with legs off the ground or lightly resting, soft medicine ball in hand. Bounce the medicine ball on the ground next to your hip, catch it and switch to the other side, bounce and repeat x20
- Abdominal Bikes x20
-Alternating straight legs come to a crunch position in your upper body and abdomen. Straighten legs to be perpendicular to the floor and parallel to the floor. Take momentum out of it. x40

Note: if you don't have a slider, a paper or plastic plate on the carpet works, or a small towel on a hard floor. 

Kayla Itsines Week 10 Legs, round 2

6am CorePower Yoga Sculpt class

OrangeTheory class

This was unintentional. We had to get up at 4am for a flight to Texas and I was totally planning on going for a run when we got in. But...between getting the babies settle, all four of us unpacked and grocery shopping for the week, it simply didn't happen...

3.8 mile trail run in Austin, TX

2.4 mile trail run along the river in Austin
I found a stone wall that was about knee height and did the following set:

First Set

With LEFT leg on the wall, step the right knee up to meet your elbow at about belly button height x15
With LEFT leg still on the wall, reach right leg back into an extended lunge and go down in a lunge at low as you can, keeping your hips square ahead of you, back knee at 90 degrees and making sure the knee on the wall doesn't go past your ankle
Keep the RIGHT leg where it is from the previous exercise and move LEFT leg out to the side for a lateral lunge, keeping the RIGHT leg straight. 
Move immediatelty into a curtsey lunge: LEFT foot moves behind the body and to the outside of the right leg. This is one rep.

-try to complete one side without resting and then immediately going into the other leg, though 3 times each side.

Second Set

I then used the wall for a push up: hands on the wall, legs on the ground, focusing on keeping my core tight, arms wide and going down slowly
Immediately go into triceps: hands on the wall with knuckles facing your butt. Decsend so your elbows go straight behind you and are 90 degrees. 

Complete the second set three times through, without resting. Your arms will be shaking!

Family run, taking turns pushing the double stroller for 3.2 miles


makeup tuesday: Lawless Leo

lawless leo

I love a great lipstick.

Y'all know that. And who can get enough of the current trend of a matte lip. I have created mine endless times with my favorite lip liner used to fill in the entire lip. THIS color is great on me and just what I like: a little color and a little pink.

But I have been on the hunt for a more nude lip color, without going, well...nude. 

Enter Lawless. Started by a fellow San Diego blogger, Lawless matte lip gloss gives you the perfect matte lip, supports a fellow girl boss and is Always Free of yucky stuff {thus the 'AF'}.

I was given the color Leo {worn above} by a fellow mom to a little man Leo. 

If you have been curious to try, they are currently doing a buy 3 get one free deal on their website. I just got Jake, Cameron, Brad and Parker. 


instagram lately

neutral blazer and chanel flats

THIS TOP{currently on sale for $13) is so cozy, I kind of felt like I was in my pjs. Never underestimate the power of a blazer and some well fitting HIGH WAISTED SKINNY JEANS to make even your pjs seem presentable. 

chanel flats

As I said in this IG caption, I accidentally dropped my sunglasses on the floor waiting at the Doctor's office and then realized that the floors matched my shoes. 

navy chanel woc

If you have been following along for a while, you know that I love love love finding a great deal and great items for y'all on sale. But you also must know that I love a great high end, timeless piece. Call me a label whore, if you must. 

Original post here.

I got so many questions about this vest and I felt horrible when I realized that it had sold out. I was able to find so many faux fur vests on sale, but none that were exactly the same as the one that I am wearing. I have included faux fur vest options below, at all price points. 

I feel like a bad vegetarian, but I do kind of love the look of faux fur, but emphasis on the faux. There are endless options without having to contribute to the fur industry. Even Kate Middleton wears faux!

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